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Doggie/Kitty Inn

All full time staff members complete the American Red Cross Cat and Dog First Aid Course.

Regular Doggie Suites

We offer cozy accommodations at an affordable rate for your dog(or dogs) during their stay with us. Each boarding guest has his own 4'x20' indoor to outdoor area. These areas are heated for cold winter nights or air-conditioned during steamy summer days. Our guests are fed Nutrisource or Wholesomes Premium dog food on a schedule provided by their owner. Medication or food brought from home is always dispensed at no additional charge, and toys from home are welcome. Each guest is tucked in at night with cozy blankets.


Uptown & Downtown Suites

Uptown and Downtown Suites are the perfect spots for pups who have anxiety, aren't great with other dogs, or need extra observation. Both areas are private rooms with 3 Suites that each have access to a television that plays favorites such as "Secret Life of Pets", "Scooby Doo", and "Milo and Otis". All guests also enjoy an extra cozy bed and snack at Bedtime. 

Uptown Suites are designed for quieter pups who may be smaller, senior, or need extra observation and care. These Suites are located next to the office for constant observation. Downtown Suites are designed for pups who may make a lot of noise during their stay. These friends will get the Uptown experience without disturbing the quieter Uptown guests. 

ODI Uptown.jpeg

Kitties Too!

Your kitties can also board with us! Safe and secure with their own little area to relax in, with blankets, food/water, a litter box, and hands on attention.



Individual outside playtime, or indoor cuddletime is available at an extra cost for pets who have lots of energy, or for those who just like a little special attention! Ask about playtime/cuddletime when you make your reservation!


For Pet Boarding Prices - Please contact us at  585-589-5004 

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